Bottom Hole Survey

Mar 2024
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Bottom Hole Service Tools

1. Neotek Electronic Memory Recorder ( EMR ) Gauges Pressure & Temperature

  • Applications
  • Pressure Build-up Tests
  • Production Tests
  • Pressure Gradients
  • Pre/During/Post Stimulation Evaluation
  • Interference Tests
  • Fracturing Monitoring
  • Injection Pressure Monitoring
  • Coil Tubing Well Stimulation

2. Bottom Hole Pressure & Temperature Survey

  • Electronic Memory Record (EMR) for Exploration & Production monitoring.
  • Pressure & Temperature -Spinner for Oil & Gas and Geothermal Well.
  • Pressure Build up test Surface Pressure Read Output (SPRO)
  • Memory Production Logging (MPLT)
  • Tubing or Casing Leak detection

3. Metrolog Pressure Temperature Spinner Multilog5 c/w DTR
Tools Application :

  1. Well Diagnosis
  2. Easy to make up production/ Injection profile in monophasic wells

DTR Application :

  1. Program and Listen to Metrolog gauges directly on the wellsite without computer. Real time display and recording of depth ,running speed and tension (optional).
  2. Automatic creation of production log versus depth.

4. Spartek Downhole shut-in tool for Pressure build-up test valve

Application :
a. Simultaneous multi zone test
b. Interferences test
c. High Temperature rating
d. Eliminates wellbore storage effect
e. Source Services
Modular configuration

5. Memory Production Loging tool

Our MPLT tools incorporate sensors such as capacitance, fluid density, pressure, temperature, caliper in addition to gamma-ray and casing collar locator. A vast range of spinner flowmeters are available to meet specific job requirements.

Loging Tools Assy:
– Density Tool
– Pressure-Temperature-Flowmeter
– Quartz Pressure Tool
– Full Bore Flow Meter
– GTC contain gamma ray and temperature sensors
– PGT specifically to deploy with the MTD tool
– Gamma Ray-Wellbore Temperature and Gamma Ray-Wellbore Temperature-CCL
– Continues Flowmeter
– Multi Finger Caliper

Scope of Work:
– Compact design by combining water holdup and fluid density
– fluid viscosity estimates
РLeak detection·
– Production/injection intervals detection
– Pressure transient analysis
– Pressure gradient evaluation
РWellbore temperature profile·
– Built-in temperature tool corrects for Pressure
– Correlation of cased hole logs between runs and wells
– Depth control
– Leakage detection through the high-resolution Production temperature log
– Productivity index evaluation
– Identification of Production/injection intervals
– Lithology Identification
– Production Loging Data Interpertation

6. Acoustic Leak Flow Analyzer ALFA5

Nine’s Acoustic Leak Flow Analyser (ALFA) is a memory tool used to carry out various well diagnostic studies including Well Integrity Evaluation, Production Performance and Reservoir Monitoring. This device measures Acoustic Spectrum within the range of 8 Hz to 60,000 Hz with very high frequency resolution. The tool consists of Spectral Noise, Pressure, High Resolution Temperature and Casing Collar Locator sensors.

Aplication :

  • Leak Detection (tubing/casing/packer leaks)
  • Diagnosis of Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Reservoir Characterization and Formation Evaluation
  • Borehole and Reservoir Performance
  • Location of open perforations
  • Identification of flow zones behind pipe
  • Identification of channeling behind pipe
  • Ability to detect flows thorugh multiple tubulars
  • Ability to distinguish flow behing pipe from flow inside pipe
  • Combinability with other logging tools to provide a complete well evaluation in a single run
  • Slim tool design allowing safe and easy deployment through the smallest completion tubing
    and restrictions

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