Slickline Services

Mar 2024
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A general term used to describe well-intervention operations conducted using single strand or multistrand wire or cable for intervention in oil or gas wells. Although applied inconsistently, the term commonly is used in association with electric logging and cables incorporating electrical conductors. Similarly, the term slickline is commonly used to differentiate operations performed with single- strand wire or braided lines.


  1. Slingle / Double Drum with Solid / Braided line
  2. Hydroulic Power Pack Zone 2 for Onshore & Offshore
  3. Pressure Control Equipment 0-6K & 10K
  4. Running Tools & Special tools
  5. Multi Pressure Control unit

Scope of services:

  • Well Integrity
  • Retrieve and Set Downhole tools
  • Pressure & Temperature survey
  • Fishing Job
  • Tubing Perforated
  • Manipulating zone production
  • Logging Survey
  • Operate downhole Safety Valve – TRSSV Slickline Packages
  • SRO Gauges – Realtime recording Services

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