Surface Welltesting

Mar 2024
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1. Welltesting Surface Equipment & Surface Data Acquisition ( DAS)

We offer integrated well testing in the exploration, appraisal and development phases of oil and gas wells. Clients avail our services for extended well tests, leading to early production facilities that allow them a force multiplier, further monetising their exploration wells in the shortest of time. This is executed prior to a more detailed engineering study for permanent production setups.

Welltesting Equipment

  • 10 K Flow Head
  • 3 Phase Separator 1440 WP
  • 5K & 10 K Choke Manifold
  • Upstream & Downstream Line Pipe
  • 100 bbls & 200 Bbls Atmospheric Tank
  • Surge Tank
  • Burner
  • Heater

Scope of Services

  • Surface Welltesting Monitoring
  • Sand Management
  • Flowback
  • Extended Welltesting
  • Early Production Facility

2. DAQ Surface Monitoring – Real Time
Our Welltesting Surface Monitoring also have DAQ System to Assist the Engineer’s to get more easier
monitoring on real time which is equipped with several pressure and temperature sensors as below :

  1. Wellhead Pressure
  2. Usptream Pressure & Temp
  3. Downstream Pressure & Temp
  4. Liquid Flow Meter
  5. Differential Pressure

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